F3T 2011 Schedule

The 2011 Fly Fishing Film Tour will be kicking off soon. Tickets will be available online and at your local fly shops January 1st.

Check out this years schedule

Ventura CA                    February 3rd         The Majestic Ventura Theater
Long Beach CA              February 5th          Art House at Long Beach
Sacramento CA             February 7th          24th Street Theatre
Bend OR                         February 9th         McMenamins Old St Francis
Bend OR                         February 10th       McMenamins Old St Francis
Portland OR                  February 12th        McMenamins Bagdad Theater
Denver CO                     February 12th        Oriental Theater (2 Shows)
Seattle WA                    February 15th         Guild 45th Theater
Spokane WA                 February 17th         Bing Crosby Theater
Missoula MT                February 25th         The Wilma
Bozeman MT                February 26th         The Emerson
Helena MT                   March 1st                  Myrna Loy Center
Boise ID                        March 4th                 Egyptian Theater
Logan UT                      March 8th                Logan Art House & Cinema
Salt Lake City UT        March 9th                Tower Theater
Ft Collins CO               March 12th               Lory Student Center Theater CSU
Aspen CO                     March 15th                Wheeler Opera House
Durango CO                 March 19th               Diamond Circle Theater
Albuquerque NM        March 21st                Guild Cinema
Ft Smith AR                 March 24th               Malco Theater
St Louis MO                March 28th               TBA
Nashville TN               March 30th               Belcourt Theater
Atlanta GA                  March 31st                 Plaza Theater
Charleston SC             April 1st                     Terrace Theater James Island (2 Shows)
Jacksonville FL          April 5th                     5 Points Theater
Tampa FL                    April 7th                    Tampa Pitcher Show
Ann Arbor MI             April 12th                  Michigan Theater
Grand Rapids MI       April 15th                   Wealthy Theater
De Pere WI                 April 20th                  De Pere Cinema
Minneapolis MN        April 22nd                 Parkway Theater
Rapid City SD             April 25th                  The Elks Theatre
Boulder CO                 April 28th                  Boulder Theater

*More dates and venues will be added soon

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5 Responses to F3T 2011 Schedule

  1. JF says:


  2. Richard Maree says:


    are you also comming to Holland on your international Tour?
    Our country is small but our flyfishing community is fanatic as no other.
    Hope you will visit out little flyfish crazy country as well.

    Regards, Richard
    Utrecht, Holland

  3. mark w says:

    I don’t see Alaska on the schedule! Ahhhhhh! Any chance of a pit stop up north? How can we make this happen?

  4. Kevin says:

    Whats up film tour peoples

    Alright where do I begin……the show was great but only one trout vid. come on now. After last year and all the salt stuff I thought this year we would see more trout bums, but I was wrong. Don’t get me wrong the salt stuff was killer but even half and half “freshwater and salt” would be better.

    I attended the show in Pittsburgh and yes I know the Pittsburgh area is not the most ideal fly fishing location but when me and my crew of 8 dudes and couple chicks drove almost 2 hours to watch a great show and have to get yelled at by all the old orvis sweater wearing pricks for being to loud sucked. I knew that the local fly shop International Angler put the show on and that might be one reason why it was such a lame crowd but the shows I have been to before which was Anchorage, AK the first year and then Arlington, VA the second and third. At those shows the guys that put the show on actually told us to get rowdy and to make some noise and the vibe was awsome. I understand that you guys have nothing to do with that. After going to the show last year and this year in Pittsburgh and being bummed out for the overall experience and Pittsburgh being the only close show what can I do to be able to put on a show in Wheeling, WV. If a group of people like myself can not do it we have local fly fishing guide services and even Cabela’s that could. I know Cabela’s is a major corporation but the dudes that run the fly shop there are just like me and had the same vibe from the Pittsburgh show. We know we can pack a house right in Wheeling but we do not know what it cost for the film or how any of those factors work out.

    Please get back to me nd let me know what you guys think.


    Livin the Dream


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